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Hi, I’m Chardiney Jackson, a highly skilled leadership and executive coach with over 10 years of experience helping clients achieve their professional goals. As the founder and CEO of Elite Leaders Coaching & Consulting LLC, I am passionate about empowering leaders to unlock their full potential and gain clarity in their careers. With a Master’s degree in Communications and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, I have the knowledge and expertise to guide individuals and teams to success.

About Me

Experienced Coach, Speaker, and Talent Developer

In addition to my work as a leadership and executive coach, I am also a Corporate Talent Development professional, Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force Reserves, and Motivational Speaker. My extensive experience in these areas has equipped me with excellent interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, and management experience. I have designed and facilitated various courses nationally and internationally and have led a training program for seven different Air Force Specialty Careers (AFSC’s), supporting over 70 unit members.

My Services

What Do I offer

Leadership Coaching

This service is designed for individuals who want to enhance their leadership skills and develop their ability to lead teams effectively.

Executive Coaching

This service is designed for executives who want to improve their performance, overcome specific challenges, and achieve their professional goals.

Career Coaching

This service is designed for individuals who want to clarify their career goals, improve their job search skills, and advance their careers.

Team Building

This service is designed to help teams improve their communication, collaboration, and productivity, and enhance their overall effectiveness.

Communication Skills Training

This service is designed to help individuals and teams improve their communication skills, including public speaking, presentation skills, and interpersonal communication.

Conflict Resolution

This service is designed to help individuals and teams resolve conflicts in the workplace, manage difficult conversations, and improve their conflict management skills.


Results I have Helped Create